China is not the only country where many buyers from overseas gather to purchase items. Thailand, located in the center of Southeast Asia, is a country where buyers from all over the world gather as well, and even in Bangkok city there are markets everywhere.

Benefit of purchasing in Thailand


Unlike in China, On-Line purchase is not common in Thailand. So basically we have to visit the local Thai market, which means that the buyers who visit Thailand have more chance to promote Thailand items in overseas without much competitions.

Thailand, the hand made products such as leather wallet, bag, and silver accessaries are high quality because of the good manufacturing by Thai local people. In addition to this, the minimum order lot is not so big compared with China.

Not only high quality but also excellent design, buyers of select shops in Japan and Overseas are also buying a lot of items in the Thai market. Crocodile leather products, especially Thailand, are one of the good selling items.

Items recommended to purchase

タイ仕入れ 強い商品

・Silver items
・Leather items
・Hand-maded items
・Gurdening items

We strongly recommend to purchase these kind of items in Thai markets.

On the other hand, we do not recommend to purchase “plastics items”, “electric items” since most of these items sold in Thailand is made in China. It’s better to purchase in China for sure.

Many valuation of the items

The itmes sold in Thailand are not only cheap but also high quality and more valuation.
If the items you currently dealing are only made in China, you will be able to get new customers with the items from Thailand.


Easy and Enjoy Purchasing in the Market


The staffs in some wholesales shops are able to speak English. But it’s not enough fluent to understand the detail of making OEM products. In this case, Thai guide will be necessary.

However, most of Thai people is so friendly that you will not feel bad during your purchase in the market. The minimum order volume is not so much. It’s only 3 to 5pcs for specific items like leather products. Even though you are not familiar with the business negotiations, it will not be such a big problem.

Benefit to Join RIMNAM Thai purchasing tour

Since we have many business experience, we are able to provide not only just a translating service also we will provide the advise how to promote the items. Further more, the current Thailand business/life information will be explained during the tour, which will be some help for your business.


I will explain how to purchase and sell Thai items based on my business experience.

Introduction of our Tour Guide


The licensed tour guide will take you to anywhere you want to visit. She can speak English, Japanese and Thai language fluently so that you do not need to worry about the communication.

Every time when we have a tour, we enjoy talking with our customers. There are many customers who repeat using our service many times with satisfaction.

Not only purchasing tours but also optional sightseeing tours are popular, so we will support you to enjoy your time in Thailand.

Enjoy everything about Thailand


It is cheap to enjoy food and entertainment in Thailand. Visiting sightseeing to temples and natures is recommended in order to feel Thai culture well.


You may think all Thai Food is very spicy but there are many restaurants which provide it with the mild tase for foreigners. Most of Thai food is so healthy and tasty that many foreigners will love it.


Thai massage is awesome because of cheap price and good relaxation. It is only THB300-500/hour. You can try it everyday during your stay in Thailand. It will help for better work in Thailand.


Pattaya Beach is located near Bangkok. So after you finish working (purchasing items), you can go to the beach for relaxing and enjoying beer.

In addition to this, we will recommend Gun Shooting, 63rd Floor SkyBar, famous temples in Thailand. Most of our customers enjoyed a lot not only working also this kind of entertainments.

タイ エンターテイメント

If you have never visited Thailand, please come. Let’s enjoy your life – working, relaxing and entertaining in Thailand!

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