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Best Selling Swimsuits! Let’s find the Summer items – Swimwear, Beach Sandals and Accessories in Thailand Market.

Market Report タイ 仕入れ・買付 エリア レポート

It is said that Thailand has two seasons, “Hot Season” and “Very Hot Season”. It is just a joke but this is the thing that you can purchase the summer items such as the swimsuits and sandals any time and anywhere in Thailand market. Most popular Thai swimsuit band – CHUANPISAMAI – You can buy Thai popular brand, CHUANPISAMAI swimsuits, which gained popularity because Japanese famous idol AKB48’s Haruna Kojima recommend. You can also purchase a new model soonest in this shop and you can purchase the old models at discount prices as well. ※took photos under shop owner permission. Besides swimsuits, you can find the summer accessories as well. […]

JJ Mall – Next to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. Time saving for purchasing various items in Chatuchak area.

Market Report タイ 仕入れ・買付 エリア レポート

There are markets in various places in Thailand, and JJ Mall is one of the place we recommend to purchase good items. Since JJ Mall is located just next to Chatuchak market, it is time saving for your buyer activity in this area. There are various stores in here, it may be good to try looking for items that match with your rquirement. Hand craft Leather shop in JJ mall JJ Mall has handmade leather goods. We recommend to buy the cattle leather in here. You will see Crocodile and Stingray leather are sold in Chatuchak market for better price. There are many different type of leather wallet with many […]

Largest Market in Bangkok! Let’s shopping & purchase at Chatuchak Market. Leather bags · Accessories · Silver · Shoes · Swimwear. etc

Market Report

In regard to the market in Bangkok, Chatuchak Market is the latest one and you will find what you are looking for. This is weekend market where many tourists and buyers visit for shopping and purchase. There are about 15,000 shops in this huge area that can not look around in a day. Let’s check it out the whole area with a map There are 29 sections in Chatuchak market. When looking for the items you want to purchase, let’s check your target sections as below. Section 1: Antiques, accessories, secondhand books Section 2-4: Apparel for young people, miscellaneous goods for souvenirs, accessories Section 5-6: Clothes, shoes, apparel Section 7: […]

Palladium Shopping Mall at Center of Bangkok. Wholesales of Leather, Silver, Gemstones, Accessories, Apparels, etc. Open weekdays

Market Report タイ 仕入れ・買付 エリア レポート タイ プラトゥーナム

There is a shopping mall with many wholesalers in the center of Bangkok. That is PALLADIUM shopping mall. Here is the place where you can purchase apparel, silver, gemstones, leather goods etc. Many foreign buyers come to Palladium to purchase the items. Many accessory wholesalers on the ground floor Silver Accessory Shops There are so many shops handling silver. There are various kinds of accessory and many different designs. The purity of silver is mainly 92.5%. There is a shop to put the mark of [Silver 925]. There are shops dealing with stainless 316L (surgical stainless steel) standard. Necklaces and Pierced earrings etc. That are less likely to cause allergic […]