Benefit of OEM in Thailand

In order to provide products at the price the customer want, it is natural that you have to lower manufacturing costs. To do so, it is key to produce for the cheaper cost containing cheaper laber fee in overseas.

We will introduce the factory to be able to supply witht the standard of quaity satisfied by Japanese customers who is the most strict for the quality standard.

Small order volume is avaiable

Generally, in factories in Thailand unlike factories in China, there is no need to request 1,000 pieces or 3,000 production lots from the beginning. It depending on the products but there are the factories which accept to produce small lots such as 50-500pcs at one time.

If it is to be sold on a test basis, you should make it with small lots first. Then you can manufacture the bigger volume after the test.

Recommending items for OEM in Thailand

OEM products that we can handle are as follows. For products other than these, we will consult individually. * Customers who participated in Thai purchase tour only

Leather goods: Bags, Wallets, Key cases, etc.

Cow, Crocodile (belly), Stingray, Python, Lizerd material

※ Crocodile skin leather etc. It is related to the Washington Convention, so we issue the necessary documents (CITES).

Silver item: Necklace, Ring, Earrings, Bracelet etc

It is a handmade silver item. Since the Thai craftman is good at fine processing work, the quality and design of Silver accerssary is so famouse in Thailand.

Sandals, Shoes, Swimwear

We produce handmade Sandals, Shoes and Swimwear. Stable supply of these kind of the summper items is possible because it is hot weather throughout the year in Thailand.

OEM Service Fee

1. Handling:10% of item fee(Exc VAT 7%)

2. Shipping Handling: THB 350/shipment (Exc VAT 7%)

3. Shipping Charge: as actual

※Payment: Paypal Only
※Paypal Fee: (4.4% + THB11) is not included

Customer Review for our OEM Service

Mr. Bansho – Saitaniya

Decided to order RIMNAM again once I saw the quality of the 1st order.


I gave the sample of leather goods for mass-production, and the finished product I recieved looked exactly same as the sample. I was so impressed at the quality of work.

As RIMNAM informed, OEM in Thailand has many benefit such as “Good quality” and “Cheap cost” “Small order volume” etc.

However, on the other hand, I was worried about the lazy character of Thai people such as “unstable delivery date”, but thanks to RIMNAM efforts, it was finished and delivered successfully on time.

By asking RIMNAM for an OEM, while enjoying the benefits of Thailand, we can deal with the Japanese quality of work. I really appreciate RIMNAM for providing quality above expectation.

Customer Review 2

A Brain Co.,Ltd Mr. Iwane

RIMNAM is the partner go together beyond trust

Takuyuki Iwane, art director of A Brain Co., Ltd. I am in charge of S-CRAFT brand.

I am indebted to RIMNAM’s OEM service. We are ideally designing the Bauhaus design philosophy born in Weimar, Germany, and we would like to deliver easy-to-use products with high quality. For that, it is essential to have reliable human relations and partner ability to share the pleasure of growing.

RIMNAM’s OEM service responds with deep knowledge and good faith correspondence to both of them. There are things that do not change even in the world where orders are made and goods arrive. How to respond to trust and go beyond trust. I am always thankful that we can aim for that thanks to RIMNAM’s OEM service as our partner.