Benefit of Your Remote Buyer in Thailand

If you use our purchase agency service, you can purchase Thai items while staying in your home. Unlike China, Thailand does not currently have web services that can be purchased on the Internet like Alibaba(China).

In general, you need to visit Thailand to purchase Thai items. Please use the purchase agency service to conduct the test selling for finding best selling items.

Benefit of using RIMNAM Service

Competitive Logistics Delivery Cost

We have a group company which is logistics copmany in Thailand. If you send the cargo via trading company, the logistics cost is higher than you book to us because of the margin for trading and logistics company.

However, we do not take a margin for logistics, which will make your cost cheaper. If the cargo volume is so small that we will use EMS international delivery service then, we will charge it for actual cost.

Customer Support with Japanese quality

The Japanese representative will respond to payment of the fee by using our service. If you can contact us in advance to the desired products and specifications, product details, we will respond as you wish.

Client’s request is confirmed and negotiated with the suppliers at the time of purchase, so you can purchase the products without any problem.

Purchase for Local price

When foreigners who are not accustomed to purchasing in Thailand market go to the buy, the local shop people is supposed to sell relatively higher price than the general reasonable price.

However, In terms of service, we can support secure communication and payment by support of Japanese representatives, and in terms of price we optimize purchase negotiations and logistics so that we can purchase goods at the most competitive price for our clients.

Recommending Products

Currently, the products we recommend to purchase in Thailand are as follows.

· Leather Products: bags, wallets, key cases, etc.
Cow, Crocodile (belly/back), Stingray, Python,
※ Crocodile Skin. It is related to the Washington Convention, so we issue the necessary documents (CITES).

· Silver products: necklaces, rings, earrings, earrings, bracelets etc.

· Sandals, shoes, swimwear

· Natural stone, accessories

Your Remote Buyer Service Fee

Our Commision: 10% of the product price
Shipping handling fee: THB350 / times
Delivery cost: actual expenses
Minimum fee: THB 2,500 (excluding tax)

If the total price of the item you purchase is less than THB 25,000, THB 2,500 will be the minimum fee.
* Payment will be pre-paid at Paypal.
※ Paypal fee (4.4% + THB 11) is payed at customer side.

Customer Voice

Trust is everything. Ms. Hara

After participating in the purchasing tour, we performed test selling and we were able to find the good selling items. Therefore, we also asked for purchasing agency service to RIMNAM. In this service, they sent me a picture and they search for the item I want, I think whether Iino and Mr. Nam took too much work for my request.

However, they visited the shop many times and they took responsibility and they gave me a quick reply everytime. Sometimes they gave a phone call to confirm the details.

I’m really thankful to RIMNAM service.

There are many companies that will give a purchasing service that you can buy without going to Thailand. But it is frank thought that “Trust sense is different if you are not meeting once …”.

In the case of make purchasing, I think that it is very important to ask the trustworthy person. I heard that RIMNAM has so many request while participating in the tour, Now I understand the reason why they get many requests.

I also hope to go to Thailand in the middle of this year, so please do so by all means at that time. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you for this time!