Crocodile leather goods are very popular item in our tour. In this purchasing tour, we always explain how good the crocodile leather is.

The more you know about Leather goods and crocodile leather, the more you will be attracted for these leather products.

In this time, we went to the crocodile farm in Roi-Et in the Esarn region located the northeastern part of Thailand to study of further explanation of crocodile leather.

Roi-Et in Thailand

It is Esarn reign in the northeastern part of Thailand. Our Tour guide Nam is also from Roi-Et. It’s about an hour from Bangkok (Don Muang Airport) to Roi-Et airport by airplane. And it takes 7 to 8 hours by driving a car.

Roi-Et has its industry as a crocodile farming area, and there are more than 60 crocodile farms in the prefecture.

Welcomed by Chairman of the Crocodile Association

When arriving at the airport, Roi-Et crocodile association chairman welcomed us, which made us surprised with great appreciation.

Visit Crocodile Farm in Roi-Et

After arriving at Roi-Et, we moved to visit the crocodile farm immediately. The first one is a Thai old couple farm who runs for many years.

Looking cool crocodile farmer.

There are many rooms for one crocodile. This is to prevent scratch on the crocodile’s stomach leather by fighting and accidents with breeding in a group.

This single space for crocodile is not cost effective so that the beautiful belly leather value and price will rise.

Explanation by the Chairman

The chairman explained about his hot crocodile.

In this farm they are cultivating about 700 crocodiles.

Crocodile Dad and Mom

Crocodile is laying eggs at the time of spring once every year. It is said to lay 30 to 40 eggs per head. We lay eggs at the soil on the side of the pond. Place the eggs in a hatching machine and artificially hatch them.

In the aquaculture farm, a harem state where 5 females are applied to 1 male. There were 6 males and 30 females in this farm, and among them there was a hierarchy. Is this the same in any society?

Crocodile Baby

A few months after hatching, is very small and cute. A small space is enough for growing them up.

After a couple of month

After a couple of year

Generally it will leather when it is about 3 to 4 years old. If it becomes too large, the pattern of the stomach becomes too large and it becomes unsuitable for bags and wallets.

Feeding to Crocodile

We Feed chicken with bone. It chews but chewing is less and sweating like a snake. According to the farmer, it does not eat so much in this season. 7kg of chicken meat with born is enough for 20 crocodiles.

Visited the Leather tanning factory

After having the crocodile farm visited all the way, we had him visit the processing factory the next time.

About Leather Tanning

The state of raw skin after peeling off from the slaughtered crocodile is very fast to rot. The tanning is the process to make leather have durability and flexibility.

Vegetable Tanning Process

The material of tanning is made by sap of tree. It melts it in water and tan the skin. It is a tanning method with a long history with good environment because it uses natural things.

It takes time and effort, but after tanning it will be a natural white color called “Wet White”.

Putting the color on the leather is not as good as Chrome tanning, but leather will be aging and unique taste comes out.

Chrome Tanning Process

It is a method of tanning leather using chrome which is chemical. By using chemicals you can easily tanner the skin quickly at low cost.

We call leather tanned with chrome tanning wet wet blue. It is characterized by color fixing well also water and scratch resistance. Most of the crocodile leather in the Thai market is due to chrome tanning.

Wet White & Wet Blue

Right: Wet White(Vegetable Tanning Process)
Left:Wet Blue(Chrome Tanning Process)

Difference between Siamensis and Caimaninae

Crocodiles include crocodile family, alligator family, gabiar family. Crocodile leather on Thai market is generally Crocodile and Caiman.

The crocodile in Thailand is called Shamwani, and Siam means Thai. Unlike Crocodile Caiman is generally traded at cheap prices.

The thing you need to be careful about when purchasing crocodile products is to accidentally purchase cheap caiman as crocodile.

It is illegal to also sell Caiman erroneously as crocodile.

How to find the difference Siamensis and Caimaninae

Siamensis back side

The shape of Cobb in the back and neck of Shamwani is like a picture. It is a feeling that this Cobb is a single body.

Caimaninae back side

Caiman’s back – neck original Cobb has such a round shape. Also Cobb and the following dorsal fin are connected.

Also in the belly leather Caiman is dotted with small grainy marks. As abdominal leather is not beautiful and the price becomes cheap.

Himalaya Crocodile

Himalayan refers to white leather like Himalayas. The leather after tanning is out of color and has become “Himalayan”, but white coloration has been further made depending on the product.

Since Hermes Birkin started this Himalayan color, it is now popular in the market.

Welcomed a lot at Ponsai Village

We were welcomed by the village mayor and the mayor on this crocodile farm visit. Japanese people rarely come to the village. We had hospitality grandly at the meeting place in the town.

They let me speech.

Sit together with Mayer in this Region.

Our Crocodile Proposal

We would like to proactively communicate the charm of crocodile in order to excite the crocodile industry in Royette province.

Also we deal with “crocodile leather” of “tanning tanning”.

Review of features of vegetable tanning tannins

· Techniques used when tanning leather from ancient times
· It takes time and time.
· Environmentally friendly
· It becomes natural white named Wet White
· Leather ages and a distinctive taste comes out
· Color fixing is not better than chrome tanning
· The price is higher than the chrome tanning
· Thai market has few

Crocodile whole skin

I will send you the crocodile leather that has been planted. Even coloring in Himalayan can be arranged. CITES will also be issued.

Order made with Crocodile Leather

If you would like to make your own original product, please contact us from here. Original item using crocodile leather with plain texture is hardly on the market so can handle other valuable items . CITES will also be issued.