It is said that Thailand has two seasons, “Hot Season” and “Very Hot Season”.

It is just a joke but this is the thing that you can purchase the summer items such as the swimsuits and sandals any time and anywhere in Thailand market.

Most popular Thai swimsuit band – CHUANPISAMAI –


You can buy Thai popular brand, CHUANPISAMAI swimsuits, which gained popularity because Japanese famous idol AKB48’s Haruna Kojima recommend.

You can also purchase a new model soonest in this shop and you can purchase the old models at discount prices as well.

※took photos under shop owner permission.




There are various discoveries when you actually go to the shop♪There are times when you can buy for 30% discount.

Besides swimsuits, you can find the summer accessories as well. You can deal with them as unit sales or set sales for promotion.


Purchase at wholesales shops


There are many shops dealing swimsuits but they are mostly just a retail shops in Chatuchak market. If a lady buy it for the personal use, there is no problem to buy it at the retail shops.

However, if you purchase them for business, you should find the swimsuits wholesales shops.



Swimsuits wholesale shop in Chatuchak Market

There is a wholesale shop located at the center of Chatuchak market. The shop apprearance is not very clean, but the quality and price of the swimsuits are OK for business.



How to make success for Swimsuits purchasing

Please do not be subjective too much when you purchase the items.

We do not know which one to sell best without actually trying. So the right way for swimsuits purchase is to buy various types and try to sell them.


Purchase cute beach sandales

Let’s purchase beach sandals at the same time when you buy swimsuits.

Summer items sales promotion is to sell as units and set with other items such as Swimsuits, Sandals and Accessories.



The cute sandals have not only a flat type but also a heel type.



There is also a small type for children. It may be good to promote a cute beach sandal of a set with parent and child.


Swimsuits and beach sandals are not items that can only be sold in summer.

It is a commodity that can be sold even in spring, fall and winter in order to be used for traveling overseas.

It is recommended because it is a good product that can be purchased at a reasonable price as well as good quality.

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